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With over 25 years experience of welding machine repairs and training, BWS is "the go-to place for informative, cost effective advice on your vehicle repair requirements".
We cover the whole of the UK , Channel Islands, Ireland and USA with specialist equipment and training for the automotive repair industries.
We especially provide training and equipment for AHSS/UHSS Steels and Aluminum welding.
Resistance welding Experts (spot welding). Vehicle and industrial.
Rivet and bonding equipment and training.
IMI Awards approved center

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Telwin Steel Dent Puller
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Why Have Welding Fumes Been Reclassified As A Human Carcinogen?

Why Have Welding Fumes Been Reclassified As A Human Carcinogen?

It’s widely accepted that exposure to welding fumes can cause or contribute towards a number of health issues. read more
The Dangers Of Buying Welding Equipment From eBay & Amazon

The Dangers Of Buying Welding Equipment From eBay & Amazon

Saving money is always a consideration when you're looking to purchase welding equipment, which is why many are turning to marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay when looking for their next welder. But is that such a good idea? It's hard to argue that you'll save money - but saving money and value for money are not the same thing. So, what do you need to be wary of when buying from eBay or Amazon sellers? read more
Should I Repair Or Replace My PCB?

Should I Repair Or Replace My PCB?

Perhaps the most important component inside any welding equipment is the Printed Circuit Board (or PCB for short). This key electrical part acts as the control panel for your welding equipment - without it, your welding equipment will simply not work. Of course, after a few years of regular use, you may find the PCB in your welding equipment has failed through wear and tear. This leaves you with one question to answer - to repair your welding PCB part or replace it? read more
Are Mild Steel Welding Fumes Harmful?

Are Mild Steel Welding Fumes Harmful?

As with any kind of welding process, taking the right safety precautions is key to avoiding injury. Of course, you may already know about the most common ways to do this, such as wearing protective gloves, proban clothing, welding screens and fume extractors. However, there is one recent change that you need to know about that relates to mild steel welding fume exposure. read more
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